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I worked with Greg at the Gary Gilchrist Academy. Greg demonstrated an immense passion for teaching the game and motivating his charges. You can always see how positively he influences the behaviours and attitudes of the young men and women at the academy.

One of Greg best attributes is that he always dedicates and commits fully to the student that he is teaching and never fails to inspire the students to push himself harder to better his performance.

Vincent Law

I am a young professional golfer. I was a student in GGGA and I had worked with Greg for a while. He is a very good teacher for me, his experience is a ton! He always come with 100% effort and he would fix me until I got it no matter how much time it takes. He knows every aspect of golf and what it takes to be a better player. Greg Luther this guy just love teaching golf.

Nacharot D. Krit

Greg is a real coach. I remember the day I met Greg at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy and he told me about all the other sports he played and coached, I knew Greg could bring out the most in an athlete in any sport. He leads by example and shares his positive energy with his golfers every day. If you have been to a major junior golf event since 2006, you may not have met him, but I'm sure you have heard his excitement.

Nick Starchuk

Congratulations on the Greg Luther Golf School!

I am very excited for you and your current and future students and parents.

Your passion and knowledge of/for the game, and sharing yourself in such a constructive and positive way, will I’m sure be the hallmarks of your success. In the almost 3 years we had the opportunity to work very closely together, your enthusiasm and positive attitude were very infectious. Your sincere and authentic focus on learning, getting better, and becoming the best coach you can be so you can help your students become the best they can be was, and is, very admirable.

Your questions about the mental/emotional intelligence side of golf; different strategies to play tournament golf, and golf courses; proper preparation and practice; improving decision-making, concentration, and focus; building self esteem and confidence; handling tension and comfort zones; college golf and beyond were always in an attempt to add to your truly instinctive and motivational coaching abilities. Your students are lucky to be able to work with you, as they will feel your passion and sincere interest in helping them reach their potential.

Rootin’ for your success, Doc Bill Meyer PhD

Greg Luther is a very good coach for young adults and adults. I am one of his students now. I am 12 years old and have progressed so much since I started working with him. He knows how to communicate in a fun way and make the game enjoyable. Greg Luther made my golf swing much better since I started working with him. He has taught me everything from the grip, to your head and hip position.  I like his technique and the way he teaches golf. He is the reason why I am pushing myself to pursue the game because he has taught me to love golf.

Maya White

We are grateful parents of four children and a special instructor, coach and friend.

Greg Luther is a unique and extraordinary man.  We have had the privilege of observing his skills in action and being a part of the learning process of coaching and instructing our 12 year old daughter and two sons ages 17 and 11. He possesses character and commitment that frankly I have not witnessed in another individual.  His teaching is multi-faceted. His attentiveness and perception allows him to completely engage in the student. He recognizes their thresholds of maintaining comprehension, attention and a constructive attitude.  He discerns how they think and learn and what inspires them.  He creates an environment of self worth, humor, and rooted commitment.  In this context his technical expertise is tireless directed to his students. He is creative and relentless, exhausting his resources and never withholding. Success is clearly his goal.  What’s left for tomorrow is simple; that which could not be added to a day that was already full and over flowing.  We also have a son with special needs and thanks to Greg he knows full well that he is on the team too.

Dennis P. White, DO.  Board certified and fellowship trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

I always love to practice with you, I like your passions ,I like your energy , mostly I like your big smile~ you r the man~ you make me enjoying practice golf~ you make this lonely game lovely~ thank you for always encourage me

Zi Li

Last summer while on vacation in Hilton Head, I met Greg Luther. Being a very knowledgeable teaching professional, he took the time to get to know me and my family before beginning any golf instruction, including an intense putting competition with my little sister! He later gave me a few extremely helpful lessons both on and off the course, including course management and short game pointers. I also learned important lessons on the mental game that have helped me to improve my tournament play. To this day, I continue to practice the drills I learned from him every time I go to the course. I still keep in touch with Greg Luther on my golf game and am looking forward to spending time working with him in the very near future.

Kayla Jones

"I first met Greg Luther during my junior year of high school and in the time that I've worked with him Greg has been a constant pillar of support and assistance both on and off of the golf course. Greg Luther is one of the only golf coaches I have ever known to remain personally interested in the life and well-being of his students even after they have moved away from his tutelage. Training with Greg Luther helped me become not only a much better golfer but also a more confident individual in my daily life. It has now been six years since I first worked with Greg Luther and the lessons I learned from him remain relevant to me to this day."

Jeff Clark

Greg Luther is by far the best thing that ever happened to my golf game. The new irons I was custom fitted to mean nothing in comparison to the weeks of instruction I have had with Greg. I was swinging like a complete maniac before I met Greg. My club was whirling around my body haphazardly.

Each time I would go into my backswing the club it seemed like my club was in a different place than the last swing. Apart from being a fantastic teacher helping me create a very solid swing from a swing that mere words cannot describe, Greg has become a great friend who I can be myself around. He is so much more than a coach. He's always happy to go out and eat lunch with you. He will gladly drive to your home town and work with you there if you have trouble driving to him. He is always very encouraging and positive about golf, which is very helpful, since this game is difficult as it is. His expectations are very high, but also very reasonable. He is not just waiting for the clock to run out and collect a paycheck, he wishes that his students reach their full potential. No matter what you shoot, you always know that Greg is still there for you at the end of the day.

Dennis White

"Thank you Greg for all your help, I really enjoyed working with you! All the best my friend!"

Sergio Franky

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