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June Wang
June Wang
2007 World Amateur Champion

At Greg Luther Golf Schools our passion, desire, and motivation to improve your golf game is what sets us apart from any other golf school in the world. The only difference from our junior program is that we don't have the luxury of time. So what we do is turn up the intensity as well as the efficiency. We film each and every aspect of your gameā€¦.putting, chipping, pitching, greenside bunker, and the full swing with irons and woods. In addition to that we will talk about your routines. Pre-shot and post-shot, physical and mental.

By filming each part of your game we can then build a practice plan that you will fully understand, and will have conviction with. This will enable you to make the most of your practice (quality practice), and will finally allow you to take it to the golf course. Taking it to the golf course has eluded us all forever in this crazy game, but the way that we prepare you for success at GLGS is again unlike any other golf school or instruction you've ever been to or had.

The other options that we offer include:
Fitness evaluation and plan (for your specific body, and your specific golf game), Nutrition evaluation and plan (again specific to you), and finally we can do a REAL equipment evaluation. It is so important that we all get fitted properly with the best golf clubs (and ball) that we can be playing to maximize our game.

At GLGS we want your time with us to be an enjoyable experience, and for you to leave a much better, and well-rounded player. Our Holistic approach to teaching the game of golf both on and off the course is the best in the world. I have had many success stories over the years, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. The key to our success is that we do everything together as a team.

So if you are serious about building your current golf game into a much more powerful and consistent game than the choice is clear.

Please feel free to look around the website, check out our testimonials, browse through the photos, and get in touch with us if you have any questions about anything.

Thank you for choosing Greg Luther Golf Schools.


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